In many cases a home inspection must be hastily arranged to meet the deadline of the sales contract. At Safeguard Home Inspection we are mindful of those requirements and we make our best effort to accommodate the needs of every buyer, seller and agent. Same-day service is available provided time slots are not already taken. We perform inspections every day of the week. Call our office at (770) 992 5575 or text (404) 966 5693 to arrange a time.

The question is often asked: "How long will it take to do the inspection?" The answer is, "It depends". Several variables are involved. In most cases the average inspection time is four hours. But it's not unusual for an inspection to last much longer given the size or condition of a house. At Safeguard we don't cut corners. Our inspections are very thorough.

We encourage our clients who want to be on site to arrive at the end of the inspection so that we can go over all the findings in a complete and comprehensive manner. We’ll provide a text or call with timing guidance about an hour prior to finishing.

Feel free to arrive at the property at any time, but please reserve questions and conversations until the inspection is finished and items are documented in the report to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Many clients do not show up at the end of the inspection, and that is perfectly fine! The report is emailed as the inspector departs the property. You should not hesitate to call the inspector any time, day or night, if there are questions about the report.


At Safeguard Home Inspection we adhere to the Code of Ethics and often exceed the Standards of Inspection established by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). One example of how we go beyond the industry standards is with the sampling of radon gas at every inspection, which is not a requirement under ASHI guidelines.

The ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics can be viewed with this link.

Before any work can begin, an Inspection Agreement must be signed. The Inspection Agreement will be emailed prior to the inspection via DocuSign. The agreement outlines the scope of work, limitations and liabilities.

There are more than 350 components of a house examined in an average inspection. These can be broken down into the following broad categories:

We use advanced equipment to detect carbon monoxide and combustible gases. And our moisture analysis equipment is able to determine if conditions in the home are susceptible to mold.

Inspections do not include underground storage tanks, erosion control measures, swimming pools, hot tubs, wells, well pumps, water conditioning systems, solar heating systems, sprinkler systems, private waste disposal system, detached structures, chimney interior if not readily accessible, antennae, remote control devices, alarm systems, low voltage wiring systems such as landscape lighting, heat exchanger, humidifier, de-humidifier, measurement of amperage, voltage or impedance, electronic air filters, interior paint, wallpaper or other finish treatments, carpeting, window treatments, shutters, decorative items, washer, dryer, small household appliances, central vacuum systems, recreational facilities, fireplace inserts, i­­­ndoor air quality.

As part of the standard inspection, the air will be continuously monitored with advanced radon detection equipment. At the end of the inspection this sampling will be analyzed to determine if there is an unusually high exposure. Radon levels fluctuate continuously but generally remain within a certain range. Therefore, it is possible to either rule out or verify the presence of high exposure in the home using this sampling method. Based on the results of this free sampling test, the inspector will be able to advise whether a full two-day test would be necessary.

Only a two-day test can accurately provide a reliable average exposure, taking into account the continuous fluctuation, and it is this official test that can compel the seller to remediate if there is a high level.

If a two-day test is necessary, the cost will be $100. The normal radon test fee is $150 if not performed at time of inspection.


The presence of lead and asbestos can be determined by taking small material samples for laboratory testing. Results are generally known withing two business days. The cost for asbestos is the same as the cost for lead sampling, $100.


Safeguard Home Inspection does not use scare tactics to promote unnecessary testing and expense. While mold can be a serious issue, it should be noted that mold spores are in the air everywhere, and therefore environmental testing will always verify the presence of a large variety of spores. It is simply part of the natural environment, outdoors and indoors. But when mold is allowed to grow and fester on surfaces, it emits odors that are unpleasant and perhaps even unhealthy for some people. Mold growth such as this will only occur when there is chronic moisture or very high humidity. Therefore, the inspection examines musty odors and extensively evaluates for moisture issues using infrared thermal imaging, moisture meter and hygrometer equipment. Identifying and eliminating the source of moisture is paramount to preventing future growth. If mold is already growing on surfaces it will be easy to identify without the use of a mold test. When such cases are identified the inspection report will recommend mold remediation.

At the conclusion of the inspection, a detailed Inspection Report is prepared on site. The report includes photos and a summary of all noteworthy issues. The findings are detailed in clear understandable language. A copy of the report is emailed at the end of the inspection.

An invoice will be emailed following the inspection. It links to a free online bill-pay service using a bank draft, not a credit card transaction. If you want to pay on site, we accept checks or cash.

Safeguard Home Inspection does everything it can to assure a thorough and complete inspection. In cases where repairs have been made following the inspection, we will be happy to examine the adequacy of the repairs and re-issue a new report within 60 days of the original inspection. The re-inspection fee is only $100 regardless of the size of the home.

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